Community associations/cultural & Social Clubs run and managed by Burundians in Australia

Association of the Burundian Community of Queensland

ABN: 92 299 171 870

State of Operation: Queensland

Burundian Cultural Ladies in Victoria Incorporated

ABN: 84 423 856 020

State of operation: Victoria

Twitezimbere Burundian Community Inc

ABN/Org No: A0055004G

State of Registration: Vctoria

Australian Burundian Community in Victoria INC.

ABN: 69 611 363 883

State of operation: Victoria

The Association of the Burundian Community of South Australia Inc.

ABN: 97 646 289 157

State of Operation: South Australia

Burundian Community in Sydney Incorporated

ABN:81 344 770 916

State of operation:  New South Wales

Urumuri Burundian Drumming Club Incorporated

ABN/Org No: A0108716T

State of registration: Victoria

Union of Burundians in Australia Inc

ABN/Org No: IA59792

State of operation: Queensland

GV Burundian Community Association Inc

ABN: 86 800 196 112

State of Operation: Victoria

Burundian Community Drumming Group

ABN: 63 366 327 911

State of operation: Queensland

Burundians Community in Western Australia Inc

ABN: 38 785 582 622

State of operation: Western Australia

Burundian Twa Community Perth Incorporated

ABN/Org No: A1029103A

State of Operation: Western Australia

Burundian Diaspora of Queensland Inc

ABN: 56 848 376 629

State of Operation: Queensland


Australian Migrants Int-Actions Inc

ABN: 32 866 362 377

State of operation: Queensland

Club Umuco

ABN: 75 720 625 313

State of operation: Queensland

Burundian Diaspora in Western Australia Inc

ABN/Org No: A1040350B

State of Operation: Western Australia